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Boot Camp Impact

Boot Camp Overview

Up and at 'em!

Time to lose weight! Feel great! And be all you know you can be! If you’re ready to fight the battle of the bulge, then we’re ready to turn you into a lean, mean, fighting machine! Enlist in our Boot Camp in Exton or Phoenixville today, and start seeing the results you’ve always dreamed of:

Anticipate amazing results…

Lose 5-12 pounds
Lose 1-3 inches off your waist
Reduce body fat by 3-5%
Increase strength and endurance by 25%
Higher confidence
Improved posture
Reduce stress
No matter your age, size or fitness level, you can achieve great results. Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or just tired of the same old routine… The Boot Camp adventure is for you! Enlist Today!

Our Boot Camps in Phoenixville and Exton are highly-motivating outdoor fitness programs designed to help you reach your fitness goals fast. Each hour-long session takes you through a fun, challenging obstacle course that focuses on progressive aerobic conditioning, endurance and strength training.

For four weeks, you’ll receive world-class fitness training, nutritional coaching and plenty of motivation. You’ll learn proper technique, how to use a food log and wellness activity calendar.

Boot Camp is completely tailored to your experience and fitness level. We train anyone from teens to seniors, from beginners to advanced.

So get up, get out, and get fit!

Exton Boot Camp Locations:
Passion For Fitness, Exton
Eagleview Town Center
590 Wharton Blvd
Exton, PA
Tuesday and Thursday 6am - 7am

Phoenixville Boot Camp Locations:
Passion For Fitness, Phoenixville
Reeves Park - Starr Street,
Phoenixville 19460
Tuesday and Thursday 6am - 7am

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