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Corporate Boot Camp

Exercise helps reduce stress.

The simple truth: exercise helps reduce stress! Passion For Fitness can help your employees to reduce stress, build confidence and build camaraderie with an enjoyable workout by our dynamic staff of personal trainers.

Phase One - Introductory Custom Fitness Program

Fun outdoor obstacle course
Focus on proper technique
Progressive aerobic conditioning, strength training
Intensity tailored to individuals conditioning
Food log and calendar
Individuals required to keep logs of food and wellness activities which are handed in weekly
Calendars and meal trackers are optional
Individuals will receive a Passion For Fitness boot camp foundation t-shirt upon completion of Phase One
Continued to Progressive Phase Two after 5 weeks of Phase One

Phase Two - Progressive Boot Camp

Boot camp consists of a more challenging experience based on individual capability
Eligibility requires 4 week sessions
Food and wellness activities are also mandatory in Phase Two
A benefit of reaching Phase Two is discounts for one on one personal training

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step 1

Introduction to Passion For Fitness Luncheon

Our trainers will assess your current fitness level, measure body fat and flexibility, and tailor a fitness plan just for you!

step 2

Getting Started

We will set up a "First Time" meeting to instruct and review proper training techniques and fitness concepts to be covered in Phase 1. Participants will also start their first day exercising at Boot Camp.

step 3


Passion For Fitness will send HR calendars for all participants and coordinate scheduling.

It's that simple!

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