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Top 10 Tips To Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season!

Nov 18 2013

1. Pay attention to portion sizes.
2. Do NOT give in to seconds!
3. Eat slowly and enjoy each taste.
4. Never go to holiday parties hungry. Do not skip meals thinking you are saving calories because you will just end up overeating and taking in more calories.
5. Check out the food menu ahead of time. If you are going to give in to a treat, make sure it’s just one!
6. Drink 8 ounces of water before meals.
7. If you are going to have dessert, choose fruit desserts or frozen yogurts instead of ice cream, heavy cakes, and cookies.
8. When cooking your healthy meals, make extra so that you are prepared, which will make you less likely to go for quick… more

Bear Crawls

Nov 13 2013

The bear crawl is a dynamic quadruped positioned exercise that will develop many muscle groups and full body coordination.  Moving on all four extremities is a very natural, primitive movement that kids and babies do all the time.  As adults, we forget the fun and simplicity of crawling around.  Locomotion on all fours has a real physical benefit that takes it beyond child’s play.  If done improperly, one CANNOT engage the core musculature and develop better movement. 

How to perform:
• Start down on the hands and knees with hands stacked under the shoulders and knees stacked under the hips.
• With the shoulders packed in away from the… more

Everyone Should Take Supplements for Optimal Results

Nov 07 2013

There are several reasons why everyone should be using a multi-vitamin supplement. Even if you think you are a healthy eater, there is no way to really get all the essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs to function optimally. Obviously nature intended our food supply to provide us with the nutrients
that we need and those nutrients would have been sufficient in our food 100 years ago, but our food today is highly processed, genetically modified and prepared in a way that destroys much of the nutritional content. 

Another reason we need to supplement is poor digestion. If our digestive systems functioned optimally we wouldn’t need as many high-quality nutrients… more

Julie now runs pain free

Oct 29 2013

My Fitness Journey

When I first came to Passion for Fitness, I was simply looking for a new way to work out.  I had always been an exerciser, doing activities like step aerobics, running, and Pilates.  I thought I was fairly in shape, but wanted to challenge myself and receive some one-on-one instruction.  Needless to say, Passion for Fitness has completely changed my outlook and approach to exercise, fitness and nutrition.  I have not only engaged in challenging workouts, but I have received an education with regard to injury prevention, nutrition, and body mechanics.  The trainers at Passion for Fitness have taught me so much about the importance of proper… more

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