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Bear Crawls

Nov 13 2013
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The bear crawl is a dynamic quadruped positioned exercise that will develop many muscle groups and full body coordination.  Moving on all four extremities is a very natural, primitive movement that kids and babies do all the time.  As adults, we forget the fun and simplicity of crawling around.  Locomotion on all fours has a real physical benefit that takes it beyond child’s play.  If done improperly, one CANNOT engage the core musculature and develop better movement. 

How to perform:
• Start down on the hands and knees with hands stacked under the shoulders and knees stacked under the hips.
• With the shoulders packed in away from the ears, lift up so that weight is only through the hands and feet.
• While maintaining a neutral spine (flat back), begin the movement by driving weight forward through the hips.
• You will be moving one side of the body at a time.  “right arm with right leg…then left arm with left leg”
• At first, look for quality of the movement over quantity.  You will see better progress this way.  Have Fun!

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