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How Passion for Fitness Changed Janet’s Life!

Oct 15 2011
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“I am so happy my daughter, Alexis, introduced me to Joe in May 2010.  She had moved back to the area a month before and one of the first things she said to me was, “Mom, get your sneakers on - we are going for a walk”.  Thank you, my darling.  I’d been steadily gaining weight for the last 10 years to the point where I was pre-hypertensive. My weight gain progressed to the point that when I looked into the mirror, I didn’t recognize my face, my joints hurt, I was always tired, and I moved into the Women’s clothing sizes.  Historically, I’d range between a size 8 to 10 Misses.  I tried to exercise, but would give up.  My body just did not respond like it did when I was younger.  I’d had three children and on my own, was able to get back into shape after each one.  Fast forward to post-menopause.  I was at my all-time high of 184 pounds, and at 5 foot, 2.5 inches, this was dangerously unhealthy.  I loathed myself, I was depressed, I ate for comfort - the downward spiral continued.

I knew I needed some professional help to get my health and joy for life back again.  I am a Christian.  I would pray for everyone who needed help. I would thank God for all He has given us.  I prayed for myself, too, but I was still miserable.  At my first meeting with Joe, my entire attitude turned around.  His words just spoke to me in a way that gave me hope - lots of it!  He motivated me.  I saw a future for me of the happiness I used to have for life.  I believed Joe really meant what he was telling me.  He told me of success stories.  This is why I am writing my own story.  I want other people to know how he and his company, Passion for Fitness, and his very special Personal Trainers (Andrea, Rob and Norm) helped me. 

I have learned how live a healthy life through better food choices and through exercise.  People just can’t stop complimenting me on how great I look (compared to what I used to look like).  I think they can also see my improved outlook, self-esteem,  and enthusiasm.  I knew that stuff was in there, I just needed the right people to help me find it again.  Thank you, Joe, for that initial motivation.  Thank you Andrea, Rob, and Norm, and Joe for all the work-outs, weigh-ins, food advice, firm (but never mean) corrections when I would screw up, and best of all - the loving encouragement.  I am still a work in progress.  I may never stop going to sessions at Passion for Fitness, but not because I won’t be able to keep the weight off or stay shapely and strong, but because I have such a good time when I am there.  God bless you guys.”

(And I mean every word!)  Peace, Janet


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