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Julie now runs pain free

Oct 29 2013
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My Fitness Journey

When I first came to Passion for Fitness, I was simply looking for a new way to work out.  I had always been an exerciser, doing activities like step aerobics, running, and Pilates.  I thought I was fairly in shape, but wanted to challenge myself and receive some one-on-one instruction.  Needless to say, Passion for Fitness has completely changed my outlook and approach to exercise, fitness and nutrition.  I have not only engaged in challenging workouts, but I have received an education with regard to injury prevention, nutrition, and body mechanics.  The trainers at Passion for Fitness have taught me so much about the importance of proper technique and the value of having a workout routine tailored just for me.  Prior to coming to Passion for Fitness, I used to run several times a week.  I thought I was doing the best thing for my body – burning calories and raising my heart-rate.  For years I suffered with a bad back and sore knees, which, coincidentally, would always feel worse after running.  Joe helped me to realize that improper form and lack of muscle were contributing to a great deal of my pain.  He had me eliminate running completely, and instead work on strengthening and building muscle, particularly in my core.  I began to see results immediately.  Moreover, I started feeling significantly better – much stronger and healthier!  I realized that although I had always worked out, I was not working out properly, or efficiently.  I saw first-hand the benefits of working toward a stronger body, not just a lighter weight.  I recognized that long-term health is achieved through strength, not simply burning calories.  And although I always thought my eating habits were healthy, I learned so many ways to maximize my nutrition and received the motivation to finally ditch some of my self-sabotaging habits.  Last spring I began working out with kettle bells.  At first, this was daunting.  Yet, having careful, one-on-one instruction and the support of the well-educated trainers at Passion for Fitness, I found myself getting even stronger and feeling much less pain in my back.  My body has become leaner, but more importantly, much stronger and more capable.  I have come full-circle, and am now able to go out and run without feeling any type of pain!  I am grateful to all of the trainers at Passion for Fitness, who genuinely understand fitness and nutrition, and live what they teach.  They are inspiring and motivating, and have truly improved my overall health.  I walked in to Passion for Fitness looking for a new exercise plan, but received a much healthier lifestyle! 

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