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Top 10 Tips To Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season!

Nov 18 2013
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1. Pay attention to portion sizes.
2. Do NOT give in to seconds!
3. Eat slowly and enjoy each taste.
4. Never go to holiday parties hungry. Do not skip meals thinking you are saving calories because you will just end up overeating and taking in more calories.
5. Check out the food menu ahead of time. If you are going to give in to a treat, make sure it’s just one!
6. Drink 8 ounces of water before meals.
7. If you are going to have dessert, choose fruit desserts or frozen yogurts instead of ice cream, heavy cakes, and cookies.
8. When cooking your healthy meals, make extra so that you are prepared, which will make you less likely to go for quick choices and empty calories.
9. When bringing a dish or snack to a party, make a healthy, tasty one. Then when you go to the party, eat that and you will less likely overindulge on the unhealthy choices.
10. At parties use a smaller dish, so you will not pile up your food, thus taking in less calories!

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