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Group class prices

Dec 10 2011

Eight Boot Camp Sessions for $100

Four 45-minute Incumbent Cycling Classes for $70

One month of unlimited fitness classes for $55 more

Whey Protein is the Way to Go!

Aug 25 2011

The protein content of a meal influences appetite, satiety (fullness) and caloric expenditure, which is why protein is such a critical component in a weight-loss diet.
Swiss Scientists found that the type of protein in a meal influenced metabolic control. Whey protein triggered greater post-meal thermogenesis (caloric expenditure) and fat use than soy or casein protein. Another great benefit of Whey protein is it showed to reduce the increase in blood sugar following a high carbohydrate meal, greater than soy or casein protein( American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 93:525-534,2011).
Lastly, pay attention ladies!!! One more plus for Whey protein is a diet high in whey showed… more

Passion For Fitness Launches New Website

Sep 02 2010

Passion For Fitness is proud to announce the launching of our new website. We have redesigned our website to better serve our members and to make it easier for new members to find information. The new and improved features an up to date news and events section and allows our members to share “Our Passion” with social networking integration. Let us know what YOU think, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our members and we need feedback to continually improve our services.

This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix program. Are you ready to be fit, thin, strong and confident for the rest of your life? more

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