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Staying Motivated

Mar 25 2012

Weight loss can be a never-ending challenge for many people.  We can get motivated by the approach of summer or a big event, shed a few pounds and feel great, then quickly lose momentum.  Life gets busy, and we lose our focus.  Diet and exercise sometimes become monotonous, causing us to lose motivation.

This is often the result of our perspective, not a reflection of laziness.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle (I emphasise “lifestyle,” NOT diet – remember:  diets are temporary!).

Always keep in mind that exercise and good nutrition go hand in hand.  Weight loss will not occur without both of these… more

Whey Protein is the Way to Go!

Aug 25 2011

The protein content of a meal influences appetite, satiety (fullness) and caloric expenditure, which is why protein is such a critical component in a weight-loss diet.
Swiss Scientists found that the type of protein in a meal influenced metabolic control. Whey protein triggered greater post-meal thermogenesis (caloric expenditure) and fat use than soy or casein protein. Another great benefit of Whey protein is it showed to reduce the increase in blood sugar following a high carbohydrate meal, greater than soy or casein protein( American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 93:525-534,2011).
Lastly, pay attention ladies!!! One more plus for Whey protein is a diet high in whey showed… more

Lose Weight and Reap the Benefits!!!

Jun 06 2011

Lose 2 pounds

and dodge diabetes. Dr. Richard F. Hammand, professor of epidemiology at the Colorado School of public health performed a study on weight loss and found that for every 1% of weight lost (about 2 lbs on average), obese subjects’ odds of type two diabetes went down 16%!

Lose 9 pounds

and become more fertile. Research from the University of Sheffield that came from a study on obese women showed that when the women lost just 5% of their body weight (about 9 pounds), they had on average a 19% jump in blood flow to the womb. This improves ovulation, which in turn… more

“I don’t have to do this for the rest of my life,  I just have to do it today.”

May 05 2011

    We had our support group today and the quote for tonight was “I don’t have to do this for the rest of my life,  I just have to do it today.”  feeling yourself getting over whelmed with the endless over eating or to many carbs or addicted to sugar (ladies).
    The pressure of eliminating the same bad habits in a year or the thought of never being able to overcome the sugar addiction period etc…  Bad habits or overwhelming issues start to shadow, discourage and cause set backs because the weight of the problems is to heavy. Wallowing in guilt stemming from failure’s of weeks after weeks of the same… more

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