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My name is Jeanne Hollander and I am 47 years old. Midway through last summer, when my first love, playing tennis became few and far between, I took to the streets…to walk.

Through a friend and neighbor I met Joe Ransom. It was then that he spoke to me about how much weight I wanted to loose. At the time, all I wanted was to increase my weight training as I was working with a friend for many years once in a while but wanted to work out more. I told him I knew what I should be eating and how to eat healthy as the weight would come off if I exercised more. However I didn’t have a handle on the specifics. Giving me the benefit of the doubt, he gave me a few diet tips, held me accountable for my diet and exercising and increased my motivation to work out by also working along with a friend.

Before I knew it, the pounds were falling off and I just kept shrinking a dress size with each visit to the store. In about 3 months, I was 2 ½ dress sizes smaller and about 15 lbs lighter and two and half inches smaller around my waist. I am now the smallest I have been since college.

Obviously I couldn’t have done it myself or I would have long before I started working out with Joe. He has motivated me by holding me accountable to my exercising and my eating habits. His knowledge of muscle groups and muscle contouring, diet application and appropriate exercises and physiology just works. He has a way of working you through the tough exercises and keeps you at it. He knows what needs to be done next and just works it into your routine. Before you know it, you are looking better than you have looked in years!

Thanks Joe. You have helped bring back my youthful appearance, increased my self-confidence and developed a love of clothes shopping!

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