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Before I met Joe, I was experiencing a great lack of energy... and embarrassing as it is to say it, I even fell asleep in a business meeting.

Then I met Joe Ransom. He felt that I could easily lose 30-40 pounds and that it wouldn't be a hardship to do it by implementing a sensible, structured exercise program. It sounded convincing and I was willing to try working out with Joe but at that time, I thought it was pure fantasy to expect me to lose 30-40 pounds. At age sixty-six, I was very set in my ways and in the back of my mind, I had no intentions of giving up my mashed potatoes, Hershey's chocolate bars or ice cream cones.

However, as it turned out, I was wrong. From our very first meeting, I felt comfortable under Joe's tutelage. Although I had very limited experience with weight training, I was willing to do what I could to stick with the exercise program. He is not a tough or judgmental taskmaster but quite the contrary. He works me hard and at the same time, explains the muscles being used and is meticulous in his directions for each and every exercise.

Joe is a also good listener. From the beginning, he had made some sound nutritional suggestions. Following his advice, I found that there was no hardship in cutting down my intake of bread, potatoes and chocolate. And before I knew it, I lost ten pounds within the first month.

I got more than I expected in the pleasant yet vigorous workouts along with the changes in my eating habits. I'm eating more protein than I was before, less carbohydrates and really enjoying my lifestyle change. In fact, I'm actually eating more food over all (but with wiser menu choices) and in only six months time, I lost 32 pounds. Not only did I lose weight but also decreased my body fat by 12% and am seeing body definition I didn't think possible. Best of all, I have gained a tremendous amount of energy. I'm no longer tired all the time and I'm sleeping better.

I can hardly believe the difference in my "before" and "after" photos. Was that really me before I met Joe? The proof is in the results and if I could do it, anyone can.

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