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After I met Joe Ransom, I decided I would give him the extreme challenge to rebuild my body.

I started with Joe seven months ago. I had a ruptured right bicep, a torn right rotator cuff, a torn meniscus in each knee, and joints that were so stiff, when I would walk up stairs the cracking of my knees was embarrassing. If I wanted to sleep with my head on my right arm, I couldn't, my right shoulder would pain me. I wanted Joe to be a Wizard, and I wanted Joe to make me stronger, muscular, flexible, and feel 30 years younger, quite a challenge. You know what, Joe did, he did just that! A real live Wizard! I never thought he could work with a bunch of stiff bones that are 77 years old, 78 in March BTW. I'm doing 150 stomach crunches, 3 reps of 25 squats, Good Mornings, and maybe some (Good Evenings) thrown in too, Champagnes, Lat Pull Downs, Reverse Flies, Kick backs, and on, and on, and on,... etc... I am truly amazed, thanks to my Wizard.

Want to feel? G REAT?... GET Joe Ransom "THE WIZARD!"

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