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Mary Ellen

Joe Ransom is a very motivated, personable individual who shows an enthusiasm for his talent that is quite refreshing.

At our first meeting about six months ago, Joe asked me what my goals were, and, after listening, he tailored an individual workout program for me. I have since lost approximately 52 pounds and have never been in better shape! Not only has my body “taken shape,” but my overall confidence has blossomed and I can better focus my attention where it is needed, which can be quite a challenge with three children.

Even though my workouts can be quite vigorous and tiring at times, I feel like I have more energy than ever! Joe has counseled me on overall nutrition, which has changed not only my eating habits, but the eating habits of my family. Proper diet and daily exercise have become a way of life for me that I am happy to have found. I am glad that Joe has become a part of my life and hope he continues to find success in everything he does.

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