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Personal Training Overview

It's a lifestyle. Not a program.

Passion For Fitness maintains and operates a fully equipped fitness studio in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania and Exton, Pennsylvania. At both locations, our clients receive the same customized fitness, strength-training, cardio, and meal plans to meet there personal goals.

Unlike typical gyms, Passion for Fitness provides a private, motivating environment best for obtaining the optimal work out.  With personalized, one-on-one training, clients never feel intimidated or uncomfortable.  Our fitness experts guide each client through a personalized program of resistance training (no confusing machines), with a strong emphasis on proper body mechanics.  Our trainers carefully guide you through each and every exercise, ensuring correct form, with the right amount of encouragement to push yourself farther than you ever thought possible.  As strength and muscle stability are developed, clients achieve significantly higher levels of energy and ability to perform more challenging activities outside of the studio.

We take a holistic approach to training at Passion for Fitness, focusing on muscle development, but placing an equal emphasis on nutrition and mental motivation.  A personal plan is established for each client, based on their individual needs and goals.

Getting started is easier than you think!

  • Call to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION, or complete the on-line assessment and one of our fitness professionals will call you.
  • At the first meeting, your fitness goals will be discussed.  Any health issues or concerns will be addressed.
  • Body fat will be measured, and an assessment of your current fitness level will be conducted, as well as nutritional analysis.
  • A personalized plan will be established, which will integrate diet, cardiovascular training, and weight training.
  • Your first studio training session will be scheduled.
  • Within weeks, you’ll start to feel stronger and leaner.  You’ll be well on your way to a healthy, happy lifestyle!

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