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Plan Features

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Online Nutrition Program Features include -

  • Select and print meal plans and grocery lists designed by a Registered Dietitian
  • Each meal plan is balanced specifically to meet daily caloric goal
  • Set and track weight goals and body composition
  • Identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Log food intake to calculate calories consumed
  • Log exercise activity to calculate calories burned

ONP Media -

Click here to see the Online Nutrition Program Video.

Click here to see ONP Menu Features.

ONP Sample Reports -

PDFMeal Planner - provides basic meals, foods in meals, protein, carbs, fat values and daily totals.

PDFGrocery List - provides a listing of the required foods needed to follow a meal plan.

PDFNutrient Summary - provides a comparison of actual nutrient values against goals for one date or a range of dates (averages).

PDFBMI Summary - displays a health risk assessment based on a body mass index.

PDFGoals & Tracking - tracks changes in body weight and body fat over time in relation to weight goals. These are just a few of the reports available from the Online Nutrition Program web application. For additional information contact a Passion for Fitness health and fitness representative.

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