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Exercise of the Month - The “Squat-Curl-Press”

Oct 05 2011

Here is a great functional compound exercise.  Almost every major muscle group is being used.  It works the legs, core, arms and shoulders in one dynamic movement.  This is an advanced movement that requires some balance and strength.  Start with light dumbbells and work your way up. more

Scaption-Shrug exercise

Aug 31 2011

Have to work in front of a computer all day?  Need to work on better posture?  Give this exercise a try to help strengthen the trapezius and shoulder muscles.             

1. Grasp light dumbbells and stand with feet shoulder width… more

Don’t Cancel Your Workout When You Can’t Get to the Gym

Jul 28 2011

Don’t Cancel Your Workout When You Can’t Get to the Gym
We all have days, or weeks, when we just can’t get to the gym.  We have appointments, kids at home, we’re on a business trip, or just plain short on time.  You don’t have to forfeit your fitness routine simply because of time constraints.  You can create a workout right at home using the resources right at your fingertips - and a little imagination.
Get outside and walk.  A brisk walk can go a long way as far as keeping your metabolism burning.  By breathing and taking in more oxygen, especially in chilly weather, we can burn more calories than on the treadmill.  You can challenge yourself… more

Pay Yourself First

Jul 27 2011

      In financial terms, we frequently hear the phrase “pay yourself first.”  When
you put money into a savings account before paying bills or doing any personal
spending, you are actually paying yourself before you pay anyone else. 

The same holds true for fitness.  We all have other obligations in life – work, family,
homes, chores – but if we make taking care of ourselves a priority, not a
hobby, or luxury – we’ll all be much better off in the long run.

    Making health a priority is essential.  After all, if we don’t invest the time
now, we’ll certainly have… more

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