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Become a member of our online training and experience semi-private group workouts... Read More

Become a member of our online training and experience semi-private group workouts via two-way video conference. Choose from a variety of 45-minute personal fitness trainer, Virtual personal Training, personal trainers near me, gyms in exton phoenixville  pa and circuit training classes offered every day. Sign in from your home, hotel room, vacation spot or gym and get Passion for fitness™ , anywhere!


Group fitness not your thing? Match up with... Read More

Group fitness not your thing? Match up with one of Passion For fitness Movement Coaches for a Virtual online session. These 45-minute sessions programed from ground up and through the hips in a more functional approach, Assessing movement patterns of the client.

When learning strength training principles there is form and technique that is required along with movement patterns.

Reviewing bad movement patterns before designing a vigorous strength program is paramount to a client’s success especially designing a progressive program. After we feel we assessed properly. ITS GO TIME. BE PREPARED TO SWEAT AND BUILD STRENGTH!


If you’re local to Chester County , get in touch to learn more about in person training... Read More

If you’re local to Chester County , get in touch to learn more about in person training and personal fitness trainers near me. Private sessions are customized and can include nutritional coaching, body fat, measurements and goal settling. Outdoor classes are seasonal + weather permitting.

How It Works

Virtual & Studio  Personal Fitness Trainer  

Fill Out the Form

To be prepared for the In Person or video consultation, we would like to get to know you.

For this step you fill out a form with basic information as well as what service(s) you are looking for, your exercise history, goals etc.

Then you provide times you are available for your free tele-consultation.


After the form is filled out and an appointment date and time is set, you will have a scheduled In Person or Zoom meeting with an expert fitness coach.

During this video consultation we will go over your goals and then develop a phased, progressive plan for you to execute to reflect your fitness goals and priorities.

Your plan will lead you through safe incremental steps. Remember, it’s a lifestyle not a program

Train With Experienced Personal Trainers Near Me Coaches

Once your program has been designed, you will be utilizing our 1-on-1 digital sessions with our In Person personal fitness coaches and/or our Zoom, Livestream and on-demand fitness classes.

Your expert fitness coaches are there to coach you, hold you accountable, and motivate you throughout your journey.

You will learn to thrive and progress in the classes on your own from the skills you learn in your personal training sessions.

Achieve Your Goals

You will find at Passion for Fitness that once you have achieved your goals you originally set, there is more to do! You will receive the message, “Congrats, but let’s keep going!” It doesn’t end with your original goals for yourself. Passion for Fitness has had clients for as long as 15 years.

You will learn there are many new goals to envision, set for yourself, and achieve. It means using your next steps to gain more knowledge of movement patterns, learn advanced lifts, and maybe just be an overall beast!

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, tame the Kettlebells, ride the Cycle360Trainer™, or just learn how to work out effectively and progressively without getting injured, we are here for you!

Achieve your Goals

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