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Increase Growth Hormone with the Cycle 360
What is growth hormone?
Human growth hormone (HGH) propels our growth during childhood and helps determine our height, as
well a bone and muscle development. It fuels our tissues and organs throughout our lifetime, helps us
respond to stress and regulates metabolism.
Yet, by the time we reach our 40’s, the pituitary gland begins to slow down the amount of HGH it
produces. This plays a key role in how our bodies are able to build muscle as well as collect fat. As HGH
declines, we begin to see a loss of muscle mass, increased abdominal weight gain, higher cholesterol and
thinning, dry skin. For women, as estrogen levels decline during menopause, so do levels of HGH. As a
result, they begin to experience symptoms of low energy, joint pain, loss of stamina, trouble sleeping,
decreased bone mass and a higher risk of osteoporosis. This can often cause high amounts of frustration
and a decrease in quality of life.
Unfortunately, we cannot go back in time and grab more HGH as we age. However, there are natural
ways to increase the amount of HGH our bodies produce. Studies show that strength training and
exercising at a high intensity can cause spikes in HGH levels. A single 30 second sprint is a powerful
physiological stimulus for HGH release. Additionally, building muscle and intermittent sprinting awakens
endorphins, hormones that emit a “runner’s high” or a deeply euphoric state. Sprinting has also been
proven to increase metabolism, improve insulin sensitivity and produce higher circulating levels of
dopamine – the brain’s reward center that enhances pleasure and motivation. All of these effects reduce fat
and alleviate hunger!
Sara Gottfried, M.D., a Harvard/MIT educated physician, began to notice symptoms of decreased HGH in
herself as she approached menopause. She performed several studies involving high intensity interval
training (HIIT) and its effect on HGH. Experimenting on herself, she performed 30 second sprints with 75
to 90 seconds of recovery for 8 cycles, 4 times a week. After re-testing her HGH eight weeks later, she
discovered it was lower by 53 percent! Additionally she noticed lower body fat, a thinner waist and more
lean body mass, a key biomarker for anti-aging.
The Cycle 360 is a great way to incorporate HIIT training into your workout. Its unique method allows
for various training intensities and the ability to easily switch from low to high – providing excellent
HITT workouts – all without pain, injury or compromise to the joints. Just 20 minutes, 4 days a week and
you can begin to regain some of that valuable HGH – while seeing improvements in belly fat, confidence,
stress tolerance and capacity for deep sleep.
Most importantly, you’ll actually start to look and feel younger!
5 Tips for a Great Workout during a Virtual Personal Training Session

5 Tips for a Great Workout during a Virtual Personal Training Session

Last week, during a virtual personal training session, my client seemed distracted. After a few failed attempts at trying to regain her attention, I asked, “Tammy, is something wrong?”

Tammy then shared why she was not herself. She felt that she couldn’t focus during her online personal training sessions. I provided a few tips that day, but it got me thinking. Tammy couldn’t be the only one struggling. So, I decided to share some virtual training guidelines for anyone struggling to focus during their online workout sessions.

What is virtual personal training?

Since the pandemic, virtual personal training has replaced one-on-one gym sessions. An online personal fitness trainer provides you with exercises tailored to match your fitness level – virtually. These trainers also formulate a suitable diet and suggest lifestyle changes for more impact.

Effective virtual training methods and techniques – How to make the most of the training

As with every other skill, the solution lies in making the most of the process. Here are some tips for creative virtual training:

Tip #1: Designate a dedicated space.

This zone, which is just yours – and only for exercise – will help your brain compartmentalize and focus, as soon as you enter it.

Dr. Teralyn Sell, a licensed clinical counselor in Wisconsin observes, “I know that space might be at a premium, especially when your family is pretty much doing everything from home these days, but try to create a space that is designated for workout. That way you are setting more of an intention to actually do the workout.”

Tip #2: Ambiance also matters.

Mood lighting works wonders in uplifting your spirit. Think about it. You enter your Fitness Zone and there’s a fluorescent light beaming over your head. Would you be able to focus? Make sure that your fitness area is well-lit with natural light to help you unwind or gear up for the day.

Tip #3: Two are better than one.

It’s always fun working out with friends, isn’t it? Why not embody this spirit in your Zoom class as well? Having a friend join you helps build motivation and accountability.

Tip #4: Stick to a schedule.

Humans are creatures of habit. This translates to workouts. Initially, it might seem hard to focus, yet as you build a habit of working out at the same time consistently, your instincts will kick in on those days when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Tip #5: Don’t just join any class.

Many gyms offer attractive virtual personal training packages – don’t be swayed by ads. Do your research before paying. Check out the community engagement and reviews on social media. Does the trainer host live sessions? Do they check up on your well-being? How active is their online community? Pay attention to these things to get a sense of what to expect before you sign up.

But how do I find an online personal trainer?

Don’t worry. Passion for Fitness has got your back. Our experienced trainers evaluate your fitness levels and create individualized programs to help you reach your goals. Call us at +1(610)458-9792 to know more! 

Personal Training Services vs. Gyms – What to Choose and Why?

Personal Training Services vs. Gyms – What to Choose and Why?

Chances are, you’ve experienced large gyms…machines everywhere, with people all around performing various different exercises. Traditional gyms are a good place for beginners who are trying to develop a fitness mindset. You can show up whenever you want and work out for as long as you like. However, without proper and professional guidance, it becomes difficult to hone in on your fitness goals. This is why many people choose to work out with a personal fitness trainer. A growing trend is opting for studio-based personal training services as well.

Both approaches have elements that help you stay healthy and in shape. However, your fitness level, commitment to working out regularly, and your aim to accomplish specific health goals will determine which option is right for you.

Gym-based personal fitness trainers

A gym-based personal fitness trainer works out of a health club or gym. They have your best intentions in mind, but often their services are tweaked to benefit the gym. This means that despite being allocated to you, they are required to devote time to all gym members, so they may not be in a position to design a tailored workout plan specifically for you. 

Gyms are excellent places for aspiring personal fitness trainers to begin their careers. They have access to potential clients and gain experience. Taking gym-based personal training sessions are good if:

  1. You are in good shape,
  2. You already have a basic routine, and
  3. You can work out effectively with minimal pointers.


Studio-based personal training services


What does a personal personal fitness trainer do?

A personal trainer in a private studio significantly changes the workout dynamic. These training professionals are exclusive to you, paying attention to your individual requirements in a one-on-one private setting. Their qualifications allow them to design and execute a specific program tailored to your personal fitness or weight loss health plan goals and carefully take your fitness level, medical history and your unique personal situation into consideration.

Personal training sessions – The benefits of personal training

Personal training sessions one-on-one provides a more private and personalized workout environment. Your personal fitness trainer hones in on your specific individual needs and abilities, producing  highly effective workout sessions. As a result, one-on-one private sessions result in more muscle gain, steady weight loss, and better overall fitness results. Most importantly, this is accomplished without injury or any compromise to the body.

What does a personal trainer do differently than a gym-based trainer?

Studio-based personal trainers provide much more of an individualistic approach to each workout. Unlike gym-based trainers, they have the ability to focus training sessions on what works best for your body while considering many variables such as muscle imbalances, previous injuries, diet and specific weight loss goals. They are able to provide personalized lifestyle suggestions as well as motivation to make consistent healthy lifestyle choices.

Personal training near me – Is 30 minutes of personal training enough?

How much time you spend in a personal training sessions depends on many factors, such as age, endurance, injuries and goals. An elite athlete will obviously spend more time training than a 65 year old individual who wants to gain strength and stability. However, your personal fitness trainer can sit down with you and figure out the right amount of training sessions that will realistically meet your expectations and health goals. At Passion for Fitness, our experienced trainers will help you reach all your fitness goals, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. Contact us for a free consultation today!

Weight Loss Management – Facts About Weight Loss that You Need to Know

Weight Loss Management – Facts About Weight Loss that You Need to Know

Stop consuming salt. Cut your carbs. Perform a detox. Replace meals with shakes. How many of these weight loss management tips have you read or heard?

The key to losing weight naturally doesn’t lie in following fads – many of which are unproven or simply don’t work. Weight loss success largely depends upon understanding how your metabolism works and your passion for health and wellness. There are a lot of weight loss management tips or manageable weight loss plan on the internet, but the best way to lose weight naturally is to focus on REAL food and a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some top myths about manageable weight loss plan that often hinder, not help, an effective weight loss plan:

Weight loss myths – What are the 5 healthiest ways to lose weight?


Myth 1: Stop eating carbs and you will begin to lose weight.

Completely removing carbohydrates from your body will not make you lose weight. This will instead make you feel tired, cranky, and weak. Carbs are essential fuels for your body to perform day-to-day tasks. Refined carbs – like sugar and refined grains – should be eliminated from your diet, but healthy carbs like vegetables, fruits and whole grains are beneficial and necessary. 

Fact: Consume 35-38 grams of high-fiber carbs like flax seeds, almonds, blackberries, quinoa and avocados to keep your body fueled.


Myth 2: Fat is the enemy.

Fat is often blamed for the obesity epidemic. Interestingly, fat does contribute to your overall calorie intake but alone it does not cause weight gain. Our bodies require a certain amount of healthy fats to function properly and feel well. Diets that include a higher fat content can actually lead to weight loss. That being said, focus on healthy non-saturated fats like nuts, seeds, avocado and whole eggs.

Fact: Not all fat is equal. Healthy fats like nuts, fish, and extra virgin olive oil are essential in manageable weight loss plan.


Myth 3: Eliminate all treats.

Popular weight loss tips are guilty of many untruths, like never enjoying any of your favorite foods if you want to reach a healthy weight. Remember the old saying, “A minute on the lips, forever on the hips?” If you ask a personal fitness trainer or dietician for weight loss tips, they will encourage you to enjoy an occasional treat. Eliminating all your favorite foods while on a weight loss health plan will actually make you feel deprived and increase your chances of indulging with bigger, unhealthy portions.

Fact: Don’t think of weight loss as a short-term goal. Instead, build a habit of constantly eating healthy and occasionally including small portions of some of your best-loved foods in your diet.


What is the most effective weight loss program?

When it comes to weight loss management or metabolic testing for weight loss, there’s no one-size-fits-all policy. Trends come and go. Our bodies respond differently to foods, depending on our overall health and genetics. To identify the best weight loss health plan for you, commit and experiment with a variety of whole, real foods and a consistent exercise routine that brings you happiness and motivation. 

The certified personal fitness trainers here at Passion for Fitness can help you kickstart your weight loss journey with the right diet and exercise regimen. With evaluations and tailored programs, expect impressive, long-lasting results in your physical health and wellness. Contact us today for a consultation!

5 Common Exercise Questions – Asked & Answered

Anybody who has begun their fitness journey has faced the inevitable question: How do I begin? From figuring out the best training technique to finding the right diet plan, exercisers have several exercise and workout questions. In fact, a lot of beginners ask the exact same exercise questions.

So, in today’s blog, I’ve rounded up the most common workout questions that personal fitness trainers get asked almost daily. Their answers are your key to efficient workouts and lasting progress. 


Common questions about exercising


  • Question #1: Will abdominal exercises reduce my belly fat?

Abdominal exercises are excellent for strengthening your back and core. However, they are not particularly useful for reducing the fat around your stomach. Consistent and comprehensive cardiovascular exercise every week is actually the most effective way to reduce fat accumulated anywhere on your body. Abdominal exercises don’t burn belly fat specifically, but they help the belly appear more toned.


  • Question #2: Should I work out every day? How often should I work out?

You don’t need to work out every day. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends 150 minutes of weekly physical activity at a mid-level intensity to maintain current weight and achieve health benefits. When trying to lose weight, ACSM recommends getting 250 minutes of exercise per week, which equates to a little over one hour of exercise four times a week.

Most trainers recommend at least a day or two rest within a week. This allows your body to recuperate from all the hard work that you put in. However, a rest day doesn’t mean a day without any activity! Regular, light movements such as a walk in the park with your dog or light stretches are good recovery techniques. They increase blood flow and reduce tension from your muscles. So, it’s important to do some type of movement every day.


  • Question #3: I’ve been working for some time now but can’t seem to lose any more weight. What happened?

Most likely, you’ve hit a plateau. This means that your body has become acclimated to the activity that you’ve been performing to lose weight. Now is the time to undertake a new regimen to challenge your body. For example, if you used to walk on the treadmill, try a mix of walking and running. If you are working with weights, it’s time to increase them. 

Our bodies are smart machines. They become accustomed to the same activities when performing them over a period of time, and will eventually stop producing results. This is why trainers recommend a mix of activities like cardio, HIIT, yoga, and weight training throughout the week. Creating a diverse workout routine also keeps things interesting and fun!


  • Question #4: What diet should I follow?

There’s a popular saying among fitness professionals – Weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise. This stands true for all fitness goals. Your diet plays an essential role in the overall success of your workouts. It is important to give your body the energy and fuel it needs to work out and recover from exercise. There are many diets out there and it really does boil down to your individual fitness goals and personal choice.

However, a general piece of advice would be to include whole foods, chuck out processed and preservative-laden foods, avoid sugary drinks, and consume a lot of water. The quality and content of what you eat matters a lot, so aim to eat fresh, home-cooked food as often as possible.


  • Question #5: How long will it take to see the results?

By far, this question ranks first among the top exercise questions. Normally, it takes somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks (or sometimes even more) to see the results. In the age of instant gratification, this may be disappointing to many. But, remember – your hard work is paying off, even if you don’t see the results right away!

So, there you go – top physical fitness questions and answers that trainers hear all the time. Do you have any other workout questions? Share them in the comments below, and I will answer them. 

4 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

4 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

A difficult journey becomes easier with the guidance of a learned teacher!

Getting on the fitness track is a difficult journey. If you feel that your present workout routine isn’t giving you any results, seeking the assistance of an experienced personal trainer in Exton or Phoenixville can be a great idea.

So, why do people feel hesitant to embrace the option of hiring a personal trainer in Exton? Some people fear the fee involved will disturb their budget. For others, the answerability and initial pushing from the trainer’s end can seem daunting. Yet, the benefits of hiring a personal trainer or fitness group near me are so much more rewarding. Whether you are looking for the right weight loss health plan or personal training sessions online, or simply seeking to be the best possible version of yourself, getting help from a personal fitness trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals faster and more efficiently than going it alone. Here’s why:

Assurance of Better Results

Numerous studies have shown people often try to manage their fitness goals on their own, without success. If you are not seeing results after months of working religiously on your present plan, it’s time to re-evaluate your program and fitness goals. Reaching out to a trusted personal trainer in Phoenixville or Exton will provide you with steady motivation as well as an effective, workable, personalized plan that will enable you to realistically reach your goals. Our personal trainers in Phoenixville and Exton will help formulate achievable weight loss health plans while sharing their passion for health and wellness in a motivating and encouraging environment.

Right Starting Point

We all know getting healthy is important, but often we don’t know where to start. If you are new to exercising, planning a complete exercise schedule on your own can be overwhelming, resulting in more harm than good to your body. Seeking a ‘fitness group near me’ or “personal trainers near me” option may work for some people, yet hiring a personal trainer with the education and expertise to develop a personalized program, along with the necessary incentive and motivation will provide quicker and more effective results.

Adding a Fresh Perspective  

Practicing the same workout routine every day soon becomes boring. This results in a lack of motivation and consistency. With the availability of personal training sessions online or in person, the ability to stay on track and keep your workouts interesting, diversified and enjoyable is much easier!

Keeping Workout Challenging

Keeping your passion for health and wellness alive is not easy to do yourself. A good personal trainer will keep you motivated and accountable, while providing challenging but inspiring support. He or she will be extremely helpful in pushing your limits to become the best workout partner you can ever have.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Exton or a personal trainer in Phoenixville or gyms in Exton PA, Passion for Fitness can be your one-stop destination. Their personal trainers have many years of experience in the fitness industry, and have helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals. Call at 1-610-458-9792 or e-mail at info@passion-for-fitness.com today to talk to their expert team for consultation and inquire about their current personal training monthly packages.


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