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Weight Loss & Toning

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HONKING ™ – The English Term For Riding Out Of The Saddle To Accelerate, Or Take A Hill.

The Cycle360trainer™, also known as Honking is the current method used at Passion for Fitness. This training distinguishes its cycling HIIT classes from any other gym in the United States.

Most significantly, there is no seat on The Cycle360Trainer™. This eliminates the hunched-over stance of other cardio options. This corrects posture and alignment of the spine so that users can experience a running/cycling anti-gravity experience. As consumers become more educated with sitting and the phrase, “sitting is the new smoking.” With the craze of the large group training methods there is more joint impact and muscle imbalances than ever before because the high impact exercises in.

Using the Cycle360Trainer™ commends itself as an opportunity to work out harder and burn more calories safely.
We alternate between the Cycle360trainer™ and strength training methods during HIIT with a focus in each movement in order to maximize results and give ample time for muscle recovery. The heart rate is elevated for the entire workout. You’ll burn more calories and increase your lean body mass.


Burn 1000+ Calories in 50-60 minutes
Instructor-led cardio and weight training
Elevate heart rate for entire workout
Increase lean body mass
Raise metabolic rate up to 15%



A variety of TRX, Kettlebells and body weight exercises, powerful bursts of Cycle360Trainer™ cardiovascular drills, and much more. Push your limits in this personal circuit station class. Timed sets and carefully programmed sequences will leave you sweat-saturated and empowered.



Turn your Cycle360Trainer™ up to gear 👀19 with a music-fun 360 Burn. Ride the Cycle360Trainer™ to the beat of our hand-picked tracks in a sequence tailored to take you on an adventure that’s as challenging as it is charged and covered with sweat. Get lost in the electric and fun class—forget the numbers, rock to the rhythm, and be empowered by the playlist and let it drive your performance.



The Cycle360Trainer™delivers high-intensity interval training that gets the job done. Our unique, results-driven workouts torch fat, sculpt muscle, and increase metabolism—burning calories long after you stop sweating. Functional circuit exercises with a taste of the Cycle360Trainer™ Sprints and Hills create an awesome challenging calorie burn.


& Muscle Gain

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Once the client has restored any dysfunction or limitations they can begin a program to train the movement patterns and build a strong, balanced foundation through strength training exercises. The client will go through a fitness assessment to get a baseline of overall strength and endurance. The personal fitness trainer will teach fundamental core/compound exercises to set up a strong foundation, while also cycling the program to maximize the strength gains.



At its very core, a superset workout is simple: alternating sets of two different exercises pushing opposite muscle groups with no rest in between. This will challenge your muscles to make you a lean and strong superwoman or superman.


Unleash your inner Champion.

Champion drop set workout allows muscle to get ripped and toned. It is a true test of champions for those looking to build absolute strength & lean muscle. We want to challenge muscles in different planes of motion, allowing your body to move with graceful strength and power. We will use different timing , and various tempos in the program designs. You will feel empowered like a true champion—Come and feel the strength in your inner self.



High School STRONG program will take beginners in the weight room and transform them into stronger, tougher, more explosive and mobile athletes. 8th to 12th grade.


& Strong



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When clients start training with the Passion for Fitness Team, we don’t want them to assume right away that by simply moving more, they will become more functional. If the client does not move well from the start, they may only be further increasing their risk of pain and injury if dysfunction and muscle imbalance is not addressed. We must educate the client on what being functional actually means, and then develop a plan.



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Kettle Bell

We assume you have working knowledge of the Kettlebell Lifts. (if not we can help with that.) The plan starts by developing a foundation on which to develop the Kettlebell lifts, namely wings and squats and their different complex cycles.
If you wish to gain the near legendary strength and endurance such athletes exhibit, then this is a solid program for you.

All bells, no whistles!!

Woman & Man


The sandwich reference indicates that there are two pieces of “bread” from which to load ingredients (exercises). For our purposes here, the bottom piece of bread is the double kettlebell snatch, and the top is the renegade row (a push-up on the handles of the bells paired with plank rows and much more to create a dynamic strength work out that will keep your metabolic system burning for hours.

Health & Durability

55 & Older Fitness

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