The objective of this invention and its method of use is to introduce an injury-risk-free program for acquiring or increasing the foundation of cardiovascular and skeletal function applicable to any human exercise or sport, and for providing a powerful rehabilitation tool facilitating recovery from a wide variety of injuries.

Revolutionary Nature of the


Most significantly, there is no seat on The Cycle360Trainer™. This eliminates the hunched-over stance of other cardio options. This corrects posture and alignment of the spine so that users can experience a running/cycling anti-gravity experience more advanced than that offered by a treadmill, elliptical, or bike. As consumers become more educated about the damage sitting along with standing flexion does to the lower back and hip region, using the Cycle360Trainer™ commends itself as an opportunity to work out more safely.

This will be the new modern-day vertical indoor cycling method, creating a new way of cycling in different planes of motion. Using the Cycle360Trainer™’s patented design of supported bars on either side of the user, thus supporting the use of exercising in these different planes to best address the fitness needs and abilities of each user, users will discover both a greater range of possibilities and a closer degree of personalization in their exercise program, making the sessions more exciting and enjoyable while also assisting the user to utilize the equipment and program in better and more effective postures. Also available are a Pushup/dip bar attachment, and an resistance band hooks attachment for an off the Cycle360trianer™ total body resistance HIIT experience.


and Benefits


The use is easily learned and applied. This is a technology which is comfortable, easy to use, and adaptable to a range of body sizes and types.


Use involves a relatively small investment in time.


Use results in improved maintenance of and/or increase in cardiovascular tone.


User is able to work aerobically, at anaerobic threshold, or anaerobically, and to easily transition among the three.


Use comprises working all joints through a natural range of motion against a constant force of applied resistance.


Use simultaneously exercises the upper and lower body through a natural range of motion.


Use deliberately isolates and focuses on the conditioning of the musculature of the back to increase spine stabilization.


Use promotes the maintenance or improvement of overall anatomic function (strength, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning).


Use can be sport specific.


Use has minimal joint impact forces and low soft tissue stress influences. This thereby limits the potential of inducing stress injuries or aggravating pre-existing ones.


Use incorporates enhancing repair while increasing: strength; range of motion; and restoring an integrated function with the rest of the body regardless of the situs of the injury being rehabilitated.
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