Passion for Fitness with Seniors


Healthy residents means happy living at your facility!

Studies show many benefits of an exercise program for seniors fitness and aging adults. This

population, due to COVID-19, is not getting as much physical activity as they should. Passion

for Fitness’ solution is a virtual workout program for them to access. Check out this study to learn more:


Depending upon the needs of residents or senior fitness we can tailor private training, group training, and fitness goals to the resident. We also provide our proprietary

Cycle360trainer™ that provide cardiovascular rehabilitation with a patented support bars

design for seniors’ fitness. Learn more about the Cycle360Trainer:


Our expert team will help in these senior personal training classes by using strength training, functional movement

strategies, and corrective exercises. These virtual fitness classes/senior personal training and the Cycle360Trainer™ will help actively restore the body, so someone’s loved one not only receives the benefits, but feels better at the end of their exercise class. Unlike a seated/recumbent bike, because of the bars around the Cycle360 you can step up and support yourself on your arms for more safety, ease of use, and there’s less strain on the lower back. Classes are really easy to follow and understand. Check out our comparison chart between the safety of Cycle360 versus dangers of other equipment:


Here are some of the ways a health and wellness program can help your residents:


  1. Prevent diseases
  2. Improved Mental Health
  3. Decrease Risks of Falls
  4. Social Engagement
  5. Improved Cognitive Function


Benefits of our aging adults behind riding the Cycle360Trainer™:


  1. Minimal joint impact and low soft tissue stress limits the risk of stress injuries


  1. Provides the most beneficial environment for injury rehabilitation by

enhancing repair functions of the body while increasing strength, range of motion, and

restoring the rest of the body regardless of the injury being treated


  1. Superior aerobic workout resulting in higher oxygen consumption
  2. Can dramatically increase muscle tone and boost cardiovascular endurance


  1. Posture- decrease low back tension due to upright, position 1


We currently help retirement/assisted living homes add muscle to their benefits program

through state-of-the-art facilities, outstanding customer service, and innovative wellness

and senior fitness programs. Strengthen your organization by partnering with us.

Our exciting new membership options make exercising for our older adults simple. Just

contact us at 610-458-9792 and we’ll do the rest! The classes range from a 6 minute 360trainer class to a

10 to 20 minute strength training or restorative class. Memberships include virtual private training, group classes, or both. Contact us on how it works:

Please contact us at to learn more.

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