I’m thinking about it…I don’t have enough time… Perhaps I’ll start next week…

These are common excuses that we come up with to convince ourselves that not working on our health is justified. We often ask Siri to look for personal trainers near me, but has that search ever generated a positive change to our health?

Starting an exercise routine can definitely be a roller-coaster of emotions, because let’s face it – not all of us are born fitness enthusiasts who get excited about burning calories or generating a good sweat. Yet we can all acknowledge the importance of keeping fit, healthy and energetic, which is only possible by adopting a regular workout routine.

If you have run out of excuses and your will to start fitness training is at an all-time high, it’s best to start by building a sturdy base with a few simple and effective movements. Here are the top five strength-building exercises for beginners that will motivate you to jump to an advanced workout:

1. Push Up

Let’s start with the most common, yet challenging fitness exercise for beginners. Push ups are great for strengthening your arms, chest and core. Form is important, so if you are unable to complete the exercise correctly, try modifying by doing them from your knees.

2. Plank

If you wish to work on your core, upper back and shoulders, the plank is the perfect exercise. It enhances stability and strengthens the entire body. Practice planks every day, increasing your time until you build up to one or two minutes.

3. Squat

Squats are an inseparable part of any personal training. This classic, compound exercise improves your overall strength and stability. With regular practice, you will tone up your glutes, quads and core muscles.

4. Reverse Lunge

As we age, our body’s ability to perform basic movements diminishes. There are many types of lunges, like forward lunge, reverse lunge or lateral lunge that can help bring power back to your legs and glutes, but the reverse lunge is most effective, building balance and stability. 

5. Romanian Deadlift

Just like squats, the deadlift is an exceptional exercise to train your glutes and core, but even better for targeting your hamstrings. Trainers refer to this deadlift as the most result-oriented exercise for beginners. 

In Summary…

It’s true that one fitness program doesn’t fit all. The search for a ‘personal trainer near me’ can take some time to sort through. However, these exercises for beginners, whether at the gym or at home, are a great place to start.

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