Last week, during a virtual personal training session, my client seemed distracted. After a few failed attempts at trying to regain her attention, I asked, “Tammy, is something wrong?”

Tammy then shared why she was not herself. She felt that she couldn’t focus during her online personal training sessions. I provided a few tips that day, but it got me thinking. Tammy couldn’t be the only one struggling. So, I decided to share some virtual training guidelines for anyone struggling to focus during their online workout sessions.

What is virtual personal training?

Since the pandemic, virtual personal training has replaced one-on-one gym sessions. An online personal fitness trainer provides you with exercises tailored to match your fitness level – virtually. These trainers also formulate a suitable diet and suggest lifestyle changes for more impact.

Effective virtual training methods and techniques – How to make the most of the training

As with every other skill, the solution lies in making the most of the process. Here are some tips for creative virtual training:

Tip #1: Designate a dedicated space.

This zone, which is just yours – and only for exercise – will help your brain compartmentalize and focus, as soon as you enter it.

Dr. Teralyn Sell, a licensed clinical counselor in Wisconsin observes, “I know that space might be at a premium, especially when your family is pretty much doing everything from home these days, but try to create a space that is designated for workout. That way you are setting more of an intention to actually do the workout.”

Tip #2: Ambiance also matters.

Mood lighting works wonders in uplifting your spirit. Think about it. You enter your Fitness Zone and there’s a fluorescent light beaming over your head. Would you be able to focus? Make sure that your fitness area is well-lit with natural light to help you unwind or gear up for the day.

Tip #3: Two are better than one.

It’s always fun working out with friends, isn’t it? Why not embody this spirit in your Zoom class as well? Having a friend join you helps build motivation and accountability.

Tip #4: Stick to a schedule.

Humans are creatures of habit. This translates to workouts. Initially, it might seem hard to focus, yet as you build a habit of working out at the same time consistently, your instincts will kick in on those days when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Tip #5: Don’t just join any class.

Many gyms offer attractive virtual personal training packages – don’t be swayed by ads. Do your research before paying. Check out the community engagement and reviews on social media. Does the trainer host live sessions? Do they check up on your well-being? How active is their online community? Pay attention to these things to get a sense of what to expect before you sign up.

But how do I find an online personal trainer?

Don’t worry. Passion for Fitness has got your back. Our experienced trainers evaluate your fitness levels and create individualized programs to help you reach your goals. Call us at +1(610)458-9792 to know more! 

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